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IP65_protection against dust and humidity
Optimum heat dissipation_air flow solid cooling system
Triple Smart protection_Over voltage, temperature, current protectection
By one basic bracket, Three types-Chain, Pipe, Wall mount installation possible
Various applications from industrial to commercial areas
Factories, warehouses, hyper-market, shopping mall,
exhibition center, gymnasiums, etc.


Product Code Watts(W) Vin(VAC) CCT(K) Lumens(lm) Beam Angles(Deg.) CRI Weight(kg) Dimensions(WxDxH) (mm) Certification Files
PHBCHA44C1B1A 145 220 5700 16,000 110 80 6 Ø 340 x 289 KC
PHBCHA44C1B10 145 100 ~ 240 5700 16,000 110 80 6 Ø 340 x 289 CE,ENEC,RCM

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