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Press Releases

Press Releases
No. Title Writer Hits Date
22 POSCO LED Launches New Factory Light BL145 Boasting Higher Perfor 사진 첨부파일 admin 3316 2015.05.19
21 POSCO LED Named Best Practice of Green Growth with Its LED Lighti 사진 첨부파일 admin 954 2015.04.13
20 POSCO LED Appoints Former POSCO ICT Vice President as New CEO 사진 첨부파일 admin 3723 2014.03.18
19 LED Bulbs Available 24/7 at Convenient Store 사진 첨부파일 admin 2574 2014.02.28
18 Price of Industrial Light Hovering Above KRW 100,000 Will Go Down 사진 첨부파일 admin 2078 2013.12.03
17 POSCO LED gets 95% of its applications patent registered globally admin 1667 2013.11.29
16 Chinese Operation of POSCO LED Starts Shipment of LED Street Ligh admin 1565 2013.11.19
15 POSCO LED Aims to Capture the US B2B Market for LED Lighting admin 1719 2013.06.05
14 POSCO LED lighting products win three top global design awards admin 4502 2013.04.16
13 Ultra Energy Saving LED Lamp Launched to Replace Compact Fluoresc admin 1295 2013.02.26
12 Posco LED set to take over North American market with Bay Light U admin 1275 2012.11.28
11 LED lamps to hit the shelves of a big retailer admin 1178 2012.09.20
10 POSCO LED Showcases Korea’s First AC Powered LED Bulb admin 3829 2012.07.10
9 POSCO LED, initiates e-commerce at online shops admin 1463 2012.06.12
8 Posco LED steps up expansion in Europe admin 1592 2012.06.11
7 POSCO LED swept world-renowned design awards admin 1539 2012.03.29
6 Posco LED enters European & North American LED lighting market admin 1917 2012.03.05
5 Make inroads in the first overseas LED market admin 1437 2011.07.19
4 Enhance Green Management and Create New Business Unit admin 1263 2010.07.30
3 POSCO Establishes Joint Venture with Seoul Semiconductor admin 1621 2010.04.29

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